Audio Adventures Explained

Audio theatre—just like reading, but in a more fun, entertaining and engaging way—allows children to tap into, exercise and build their imagination by letting them create their own self-generated visual images and mental movies.

The Power Of Stories

In Freedom's Cause has set the bar high as an Active Listening Audio Drama. Here's one example of how the new In Freedom's Cause "Active Listening Audio Adventure" affected this family: "We are a busy homeschooling family with six children, ages 12, 11, 10, 9, 7 and 5 – life never seems to slow (or quiet) down. But I’ll tell you what! Yesterday, when we were driving to my husband’s office, I put in In Freedom's Cause and I’m not kidding — I didn’t hear a peep from my kids during the entire 20 minute drive! They were truly captivated. I almost felt like I had gotten a 20 minute power nap during that time! And I also see this as a wonderful bridge to the literary world – my boys are now asking if they can start reading Henty!"